Small Grants Projects



 Health and Wellbeing Small Projects Grant


Notley Green Primary School



Nature’s Choice



Specialist teacher employed to support wellbeing in the Forest School area. Children completed a number of incredibly enjoyable activities that enabled them to be connected to the outdoors.


Supporting children with anxieties in returning to school in September 2020.



Wethersfield C of E Primary School


 Chill, Chat and Create



Provide creative play therapy from a qualified counsellor for children identified by parents/staff as struggling to make the transition back to school, following lockdown. This will be carried out in school by a counsellor already used by the school and known to the children.  Each child to have two sessions.



Cressing Primary School


Whole School Ceramic Tile  Decorating


The project formed part of a wellbeing week (commencing 21 September) that helped ease children back in to school after COVID-19. In particular, we lost a very popular member of staff whilst the children were in lockdown and this will be their way of helping to remember her and celebrate her life. We are building a memorial garden and the tiles will be a way of brightening up the area around the garden.

Beckers Green Primary School


Art Wellbeing After School Club



Staff were trained on sketching techniques and resources purchased. 

Teachers are engaged and children are enjoying the sketching time. 

The long term aim is for different still life items to be shared between classes.  We have just begun the project but the focus is helping the mindfulness sessions.


St. Peter’s C of E Primary School , Coggeshall


Life in Lockdown



We used the funding to pay for six sessions with an art therapist (and resources). Each child received bespoke sessions, to allow them to express their thoughts and feelings about the return to school after the Covid lockdown and any resulting issues.





Ramsey Academy


Zentangle – Heritage and Identity


The drawing technique of Zentangle was used for this project.

All sessions have been successful. Students have enjoyed the intervention and opportunity to discuss their ideas and themselves / identity in a small group. The students are encouraged to reflect on who they are and where they come from, what their values are and what things are important to them promoting contentment and happiness.


Honywood School


Rainbow Hopes

. A local young artist created a mural which promotes being ‘kind to your mind’. Each learner decorated a butterfly with their hopes for the future on them, and these have been added by our ‘Art Ambassadors’.


Every learner walks past this mural on their way into school every morning. This mural is there to remind themselves to look after their mental health – being kind to themselves and to others.


It is a wonderful, modern piece of art with an important message for young people.


White Court Primary


Sunshine Room



We have set up a designated emotional and well being room within school as a safe space for children who are experiencing anxiety or trauma. We have named it Sunshine. The room now has resources for all ages from FS to Year 6 including a large dolls house, arts and crafts, play dough, cushions etc.


Great Bradford Infants


 Bounce – Building emotional resilience



Helping children to understand non-verbal cues

Building and developing key emotional vocabulary

Enabling children to make links between emotions and feelings (physical sensations)

Giving parents/carers an increased understanding of what their children’s behaviour may indicate and some simple ways in which they can support e.g. shared used of language, breathing and grounding techniques